Political and Urban Consequences of the Euro Crisis

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Whether it is indeed the end or simply habituation: At least in the sense of a critical juncture, the euro crisis is over. Now it is time to take stock and examine the longer-lasting impacts of the crisis. In this volume, authors from Portugal and Germany focus on the consequences of the crisis of Europe’s common cur¬rency that are not likely to disappear with the end of urgent problems on the financial markets. The euro crisis triggered political innovations and caused long-lasting economic, political, and social problems. In order to analyze these developments, the volume concentrates on the political level and the urban sphere, an approach that seems to be appropriate in order to grasp both macro- and micro-phe-nomena. The aim is to assess processes of institutional change at the national and the European level as well as to demonstrate in which way economic and political pro¬cesses affect peoples’ living conditions and, conversely, how people cope with the crisis.


Assessing the Euro Crisis. Currency, Conflict, and the Construction of a European Society
Georg Vobruba

German Unions and Business: What the Crisis Is About and How to Solve It
Johannes Kiess

Secrecy in Times of Crisis
Dorothee Riese

The Migration Crisis and the Europeanisation of the Border Regime
Isabel Hilpert

Questioning the Government in Time of Crisis. An Analysis of Question Time in Spain
Enrico Borghetto

European Cities in the Fiscal Crisis. An Explorative Study of the Relationship between Autonomy and Resilience
Sylke Nissen

A Countercyclical City? Revitalization in an Inner-city Neighborhood of Lisbon
Madalena Corte-Real

Urban Crisis in Seasonal Territories: Role Play or Contingency?
João Martins

The Hidden Side of the Crisis
Jenny Preunkert


Ano: 2015
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Tipo: Livro
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ISBN: 978-989-689-497-9
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