Dimensions of Hindi Language Teaching

हिंदी शिक्षण के आयाम

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Hindi is one of the 5 most spoken and used languages in the world and is becoming a very important language day by day. The presence of South Asians across the globe, makes the Hindi language to play a role of “linking” people not only in South-Asia, but also in many countries. The study of Hindi is being started as a new course in many universities worldwide and the primary objective of this book is to provide theoretical, practical and technical information and ideas to study and learn Hindi as a second or foreign language. This book can be very useful not only for teachers, but also for the researchers and students who pursue Hindi language at Advanced levels and beyond.


प्रस्तावना Preface

आभार acknowledgment

1. भाषा, समाज और सिंस्कृशत के बदलते सरोकार Purushottam Kunde

2. भारतीय आयय भाषाओं के सिंख्यावाचक िब्दों का भाषाताशववक अध्ययन Sirojiddin Nurmatov

3. ह िंदी भाषा-शिक्षण में साश वय की भूशमका Sunil Kumar Tiwari

4. Hindi and researching India in Italy prolegomena Alexandra Consolaro

5. अपनी सामग्री: शवदेिी भाषा शिक्षण में म त्त्व और प्रायोशिकता Bairam Khan and Premlata pinki Vaishnava

6. South Asian Cultures and Languages in Post-secondary Online Education: Issues and Potentialities Veronica Ghirardi

7. शवदेिी भाषा के रूप में ह िंदी साश वय का क्लास रूम शिक्षण Neelam Rathi

8. आधुशनक प्रौद्मोशिककयों द्वारा ह िंदी का शिक्षण Nilakshi Phukan

9. चीन में ह िंदी Anil Kumar Rai

10. बहुभाषी कक्षा में ह िंदी शिक्षण की चुनौशतयााँ Rekha Upreti

11. Role of WHS in the promotion of Hindi Vinod Kr. Mishra

12. हसिंिापुर की शद्वभाषी नीशत और ह िंदी Sandhya Singh

13. ह िंदी की भाशषक सिंस्कृशत शिक्षण के शवशवध आयाम Vashini Sharma

14. Task-based Lessons and the Mixed-level Hindi Classroom Peter Knapczyk

* * * * *


SHIV KUMAR SINGH has been teaching Hindi, Cultures of India, Sanskrit and Indian History at Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon (FLUL). He has published the first Hindi-Portuguese-Hindi Dictionary and he has already presented and published various articles on learning Hindi as a Foreign Language and the publication of various important literatures of Hindi and Portuguese. Has been frequently invited to various Indian and Portuguese Universities and Institutions to organize workshops on Hindi, Portuguese, Indian Cultures, Sanskrit and Indo-European Relations, such as IITs, DU, FLUP, Lusophone University, and Orient Foundation. Organized in 2019 first World Hindi Conference in Portugal (in FLUL).

PREMLATA "PINKI" VAISHNAVA has a PhD in Hindi Literature. Her interests in composing and reciting poems and writing short stories led her to write and present for All India Radio. Dr. Vaishnava prolifically publishes and recites poems at international platforms. Her work includes teaching, testing, translation, and curriculum development for Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. She is a certified language tester, and she regularly tests for ACTFL and ICA Language services in the United States.


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